2021 New Product Announcement

Outline of the new cruiser NSB335

New Cruiser NSB335

The highest model of semi-flying bridge with the characteristic cubic design brushed up and fused with the most advanced hull. The new deep-V hull pursues outstanding static stability and running performance to the fullest. Spacious and functional cabin layout.

The semi-flying bridge is easy to operate and the wide-view cabin is arranged asymmetrically. This is the birth of a purely domestic multi-purpose cruiser, one of the largest in the lineup, with excellent livability and usability.

  • Overall shape of the hull
  • Overview
  • Aft deck
  • Aft deck and semi-flying bridge
  • Semi-flying bridge and rear cabin door
  • Semi-flying bridge
  • Semi-flying bridge
  • Fore deck
  • Starboard deck (gangway) and foredeck
  • Cabin foreground. Sliding door next to the lower station (OPT).
  • Galley counter and sliding door on starboard side of cabin
  • Rear of cabin. Long sofa and table are arranged.
  • Long sofa, table, side table
  • Lower station (OPT)
  • Entrance to the Bow Cabin
  • Bow Cabin
  • Entrance to the powder room (toilet room)
  • Under barth


New Product Announcement


A view of Compartments


And Performance

Main specifications
Overall length10.2m
Overall width3.2m
Main EngineOutboard Motor
Maximum Guaranteed Horsepower One 350-hp or two 250-hp units (up to three 250-hp units will be supported)
SpeedTwin 250-horsepower units at 36 knots
Maximum number of personnel12
Main Compartment
Semi-flying bridge
Main Salon
Bow Cabin
Powder Room (Toilet Room)
Under Berth
Lower station (OPT scheduled)
Major equipment
Gasoline generator (planned)
Galley, Table, Refrigerator(OPT planned)
Bow thruster (OPT planned)

Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.


Future Schedule

Reservations have started from some of our distributors and sales outlets. The future schedule and product details will be announced on our website.

[September 24, 2021] The development of this boat is progressing smoothly, but we expect to release information and start taking orders around the end of March 2022. We apologize for the delay, but we will continue to post information on our website.

[March 17, 2022] Main specifications have been modified.

[April 11, 2022] The contents of the presentation at the Japan International Boat Show have been added.

[July 6, 2023] The contents of the presentation at the Japan International Boat Show have been added.

The schedule is subject to change without notice.